Since its inception, over 4 decades ago, the Tool Holders India has been driven by the definite Vision & Mission of Total Customer Satisfaction. The group comprises of different companies engaged in either precision machining, fabrication, tooling or assembly. The facilities & equipment in these companies are the best available in India.

Each & every group company bears a one hundred percent commitment to explore, discover & execute customised integrated solutions to meet customers’ specialised, precision, metal working needs. Quality has always been the guideline & timely completion – the objective.

Tool Holders India was founded in 1970. Initially, we undertook contract assignments for the leading engineering units & developed critical components for these clients.

Later, we commenced our own Research & Development wherein, various tools were developed. The main objective of this R&D activity was to provide a quality substitute for various imported tools.

Today, after years & decades of hard work & dedication, Tool Holders India has developed a wide range of import substitute products.